Private Lesson Registration

All FMS Band Students are highly encouraged to take private lessons! A strong private lesson program is essential to a successful band program. During this lesson, your student will spend one-on-one time with a highly qualified teacher on their specific instrument. Private lessons are for EVERYONE! Unlike tutoring, private instruction is not only for those who need additional help, but also to help push and motivate the students who are already meeting or excelling in the band classroom setting.

As band directors, we try to give each student individualized instruction, but with 400 students in the band program, that is often difficult to do on a regular basis. With private instruction, your student will receive 100% of their teacher’s attention for a period of 20-60 minutes. These lessons can occur before school, during school, or after school. Pricing and scheduling will be determined by the specific teacher and length of lesson.

Please fill out the online registration form to enroll your child in private lessons. A teacher will be contacting you regarding schedule and pricing. We look forward to having your child enrolled in private lessons!

Click here to enroll in private lessons.